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We started our journey to teach Hindi ,specially for those who are settled outside of India and southern part of India where we realised there is a lack of knowledge about Hindi. Many of them are not aware about the origin of the letters and they pronounce same phonics for two letters together and also while speaking and writing there are lots of mistakes. So far we have guided many students,teachers and professional to learn the language in a better way.

Our approach to teaching Hindi goes beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to immerse themselves in Hindi language and culture by providing additional resources such as movies, songs, and literature. By exposing them to authentic materials, we enhance their listening and reading comprehension skills, while also deepening their understanding of Indian traditions and customs.


Shyama Kumari


Shyama kumari holds M.A.in hindi n along with sociology from Karnataka University and Magadh University as well as B.ed degree from Bangalore University.She has 10+ yrs experience in teaching. She has a M.A in Hindi,M.A in Sociology,B.ed

Career Highlights:

  • 10+ yrs of experience in teaching Hindi language at DAV public school,Shree Sharda vidya Niketan,Vedantha College Bangalore.
  • Assistant professor in Vedantha Degree College.
  • Associated with My school page.
  • Associated with Drona learning solutions.
  • Guest lecturer in Allen coaching centre.
  • Founder of Bharatiya Hindi classes-online.
  • 15700 session conducted till now along with foreign students.
  • About online classes my interview published in Deccan herald newspaper (2020).
  • Associated with Moj app as a video creator.


In addition to our specialization in Hindi language instruction, we are proud to offer a wide range of subjects to cater to the diverse learning needs of our students. Our team of experienced educators, each with over 10+ years of teaching experience, ensures that every subject is taught with utmost expertise and dedication.

Whether it's mathematics, science, social studies, or languages, our faculty members possess deep knowledge and a passion for their respective subjects. We understand that each subject requires a unique approach, and our instructors are skilled at tailoring their teaching methods to suit the specific requirements of the students.

Our Courses

While our focus is mainly on the Hindi language, we also cater to a variety of other subjects. All subjects are taught by experts with over 10+ years experience in teaching.We understand that learning a new language can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Hindi. The script itself, Devanagari, can appear complex and unfamiliar to those who are not accustomed to it. We have designed our curriculum to simplify the learning process and provide step-by-step guidance for mastering the script. By breaking down the letters and their pronunciation, we aim to make it easier for our students to recognize and differentiate between them.

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